Neelima Prasanna Aryan

Feline lover, erotica painter, city interlocutor, swing singer
and lover of all things delectable and quirky.

Neelima Prasanna Aryan is all sorts of confused bird animal
rodent cartoon character part human-part horse mythical witch
and is also known as Nilofer when she wields her nib.

She loves her bread and butter and does all sorts of
graphic design work to earn the same.

A little bit of a wannabe gypsy she started her career working with
film festivals such as Experimenta and the International Film Festival
of Kerala
. Following a call from her mothership in 2015, this penguin
currently pretends to be a senior designer at Penguin Random
House India
; prior to which she worked with India Foundation
for the Arts,

Her art is not for the light hearted or the narrow minded for they are
mostly loud, about women, large bodies and queer love.

If you are nice to her and don't mind requesting, she may even croon for you a bit.

You can reach her at neelima dot p dot aryan at gmail dot com.